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Privileges of Membership. Discounts on breakdown assistance.

No one likes to deal with the time-consuming hassles and unpredictable costs of roadside breakdowns. That's why Excelerator Preferred membership was created. It provides the support you or your dispatcher will need to handle breakdowns more efficiently - plus special savings to help your bottom line.


This Plan Includes:

  • Experienced Freightliner personnel available 24/7 to assess your needs, find the best serv ice provider and call for a tow if necessary
  • Monitoring of the repair process, keeping your notified every step of the way
  • Reduced breakdown assistance coordination fees
  • Tire program, plus extra discounts and money-saving member specials
  • Recap of breakdown for your records
  • Online access to member page where you can check your vehicle's breakdown status
  • You can take it with you. Download a PDF for the road.

A membership card containing your VIN, membership ID and toll-free assistance number is included.

Preferred members get reduced fees on all Excelerator breakdown coordination services. That means you'll save anytime you call our experienced Freightliner personnel to assess your needs and expedite repairs. You'll also get a special tire program that quickly helps your membership pay for itself. To continue making your life easier both on and off the road, similar discounts will be added on an ongoing basis.

As an Excelerator Preferred member, you'll even gain access to a members-only web page showing records of breakdowns and the current status of your covered vehicles. Clearly, membership has its privileges.

Preferred membership is only $99US per vehicle and

$36US per breakdown event for Freightliner vehicles.

$40US per breakdown event for other brands.

Click here to see program rules and guidelines.

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